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Elijah's currently living in an orphanage in Northern China's Shanxi Province called Datong Social Welfare Institute (photo above).  They have a website at http://www.dtiosw.com.  It's all in Chinese, but pretty interesting to look at.  Here's some information about Datong that I found on the Great Wall Of China Adoptions site:

2003 - Datong Social Welfare Institute (SWI) Datong SWI is located in the city of Datong, in the Province of Shanxi. The Datong area is a coal-mining region that remains economically challenged. Datong SWI is home to approximately 700 children, many of whom are older children or special needs children. These children have limited chances of finding an adoptive family. They do not have access to education in a regular school, as they attend classes at the institute. It is for these reasons that Great Wall chose to construct a library for the children at Datong SWI. Construction began on the library in 2003, and it was completed in 2004. Thanks to the generous contributions of Great Wall families, Datong’s children now have access to the learning materials they so desperately need.

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